“International University Innovation Alliance (IUIA)”

Innovation Forum & Startup Competition, Washington DC

March 22, 2015, 1:30-6:00 PM

Riggs Alumni Center (Oren Hall)

University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA



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Washington DC is United States’ Capital City and also America’s center of politics, cultures, economy and education. Five of the ten wealthiest American counties reside within the metropolitan area which hosts all Federal government agencies, the largest communication company assuming 70% of the total communication volume in the US, famous Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and many other Fortune 500 corporations, as well as numerous R&D centers and new venture incubators. As modern technology development evolves into an interdisciplinary and inter-regional era, the competitive advantage of the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area has emerged. Under this circumstance, International University Innovation Alliance (IUIA) is leading and organizing the ever-first Innovation Forum & Startup Competition in Washington DC.


International University Innovation Alliance (IUIA) is the first consortium to bring the research and technologies together from the world’s top research universities for China market. A consortium of major research universities from around the world that will work together to engage with Chinese universities, enterprises, think tanks, and research parks/high tech zones to facilitate the development & commercialization of technology for application in China and abroad. It is expected after 3 years there will be 100+ universities joining the alliance and the IUIA will realize its financing plan. IUIA will become the first global innovation organization across different industries and locations. It is anticipated by Year 5, there will be approximately 1000 universities from across the globe participating in the International University Innovation Alliance. IUIA, as the first consortium to bring the research and technologies together from the world’s top research universities for China market, will create unique opportunity to leverage the globalization efforts of top tier universities to engage beyond traditional student and faculty exchanges. It will integrate the opportunities with local talent with top notch expertise from the world. The level of total financial support to develop the International University Innovation Alliance is unprecedented.


This innovation event will have two major parts: Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum and Startup Competition, with the purpose of cultivating the startup environment in Washington DC and facilitating the direct contacts between new entrepreneurs and investors in order to promote the globalization of technologies. Government leaders from the states of Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia will come to the event to deliver important speech. DC metro incubators such as MTech from the University of Maryland, Center of Innovation Technology from Virginia, and 1776 from DC will come to congratulate the event. The final startup projects will be presented in the event as well. There are some investors who are going to present the event.


  1. Event Time & Location:

March 22, 2015, 1:30-6:00 PM

Riggs Alumni Center (Oren Hall)

University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA


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Due date by March 15, 2015

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  1. Qualification of Participants:

Any product and service that is from prototype stage to early production stage (annual revenue is $500K or less)


  1. Competition Awards:

First Place                  1 x $5,000

Second Place 2 x $3,000

Third Place                3 x $1,000

Awarded teams will also have the opportunity of direct contacts and discussions with investors. The qualified business plan submissions will get free entry to the event.

The finalists will have 10 minutes on stage presentation followed by 5 minutes Q/A on 3/22.

  1. Event Registration:

Early Bird: $30 registration fee by March 10, 2015;

$40 after March 10, 2015;

$60 Onsite.

Seats are limited so your early registration and prepayment are appreciated.


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Organized by

International University Innovation Alliance


Supported by

US-China Research and Education Collaboration

  1. H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland

Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute

Chinese Association for Science and Technology, DC

Chinese Biopharmaceutical Association


Chinese Institute of Engineers, USA

Center for US-China Technology Innovation Development

International Fund for China Environment

Chinese American United Chamber of Commerce

Education Association for China Tomorrow


Organizing Committee

Co-Chairs:            Donald R, Riley, Professor, Smith School of Business, and Former Vice President of University of Maryland

Samuel T. Mok, Chairman, Chinese American Inistitute, and Former Chief Financial Officer, US Department of Labor

Wansong Sun, Deputy Director, China Investment and Promotion,

Ministry of Commerce of China

Jingsheng Gao, Chair of Board, IUIA, and

CEO, Beijing Aurael International Investment


General Cordinator:            Shuigen Xiao

Competition Chair:  James Bo

Logistics Chair   Yubin Ye

Advisors:  Yunming Song,   Ziping Wei,  River Duan, Ping He,  James Yu, John Wang, Eva Woo


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